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5 tricks to pack a picnic perfectly

A perfect picnic day should be an opportunity to enjoy the dishes that we love with our family. While many think a picnic is a "simple meal moment,” there’s so much fun to have with just a bit of creativity.

You can take delicacies to your picnic by following some tricks, so that dishes keep their texture and flavor, maintaining its optimum conditions. California Picnic, a brand specialized in the manufacture and design of various picnic sets, shares 5 suggestions that will help you to be the master of food packaging:

  1.       Everything starts with the basket. It doesn’t matter if you prefer  classic wooden baskets or  picnic basket totes, the key thing is to have enough space for your Tupperware. It’s also a good idea to wrap these Tupperwares in plastic bags, so nothing spills into the basket. Consider the baskets’ lining too: if it’s cotton or natural materials, it’s best to cover it with plastic to avoid stains.
  2.     Food safety. Most market baskets or picnic sets are made to transport food that can be eaten at room temperature, but if you want to bring food that needs refrigeration, cold boxes and ice packs are essential to ensure freshness.
  3.      Cool drinks. If you plan a romantic picnic, take a set with special space for wine bottles. You should also consider the right temperatures for the wine of your choosing and, remember, ambient temperature oscillates between 11º and 18º degrees. If your picnic is family affair, thermos for cold drinks are a great solution.
  4.   Salad and dressings go separate. There’s nothing like enjoying a delicious salad outdoors, but to preserve the texture of ingredients like lettuce, which oxidize easily, it’s best to place vegetables and dressings separately. Remember that dressings with dairy content are best packaged in bags or cold boxes, along with drinks.
  5. Never forget the dessert. There are thousands of desserts to choose for picnics. However, bread cakes, brownies, shortbread and cookies are the easiest to wrap and share. A good Tupperware is enough, just remember it must be the biggest one you have there’s never enough dessert.

Follow these advices from experts and you’ll sure have a memorable picnic!