7 easy steps to transform a picnic into wonderful family time

 Summer is almost over and the days to enjoy picnics are shortened. Although the climate is not an impediment for some families to eat outdoors, truth is that the end of summer offers the ideal temperature to enjoy these meals in a natural environment.

Thinking of helping you optimize these moments, California Picnic, a brand specialized in the design and manufacture of picnic sets, shares 10 recommendations that will transform a normal picnic into a wonderful opportunity to share with the family.

  1.       A lot is not enough. It seems contradictory, but sometimes we think that taking a lot of food to a picnic will satisfy everyone. Truth is that well-designed menus with meals that everyone enjoys are better than exaggerating. This also ensures that food is not wasted and everyone is pleased.
  2.      Everyone collaborates. Integrate family members in activities like selecting the picnic place, the menu elaboration and the preparation and packing of the food, to turn the occasion into a moment teamwork and unity. Don’t waste it!
  3.      Games and group activities. Games and group activities are the best picnic dressing. A good walk with funny photo sessions, or team games are great to fill your picnic with laughs and make it an unforgettable.
  4.      No WiFi. Outdoor meals are the best opportunity to disconnect from smartphones and social media. That’s why it’s important to foster a conversation in which everyone can intervene and give their opinion. It’s also a great occasion to talk to teens and children and answer their questions.
  5.      Safety first. As important as choosing a good place is to take a first aid kit with you. Besides aspirin, antiallergics and a complete set to address scrapes, bites and wounds, remember a good sunscreen!
  6.      A complete picnic set. Nothing is more annoying than not having everything you need at hand to enjoy your picnic. That’s why it is important to choose a picnic set appropriate for the number of family members, since this ensures that everyone can comfortably enjoy the dishes to be served. (see options)
  7.      Never forget the weather. This is something that everyone forgets: Consult the weather a day before your picnic to make sure that your meal is splendid. From the forecasts on TV to an app or a web site, there’s a lot of help around for you.

Remember that the best picnic is planned. Although unforeseen events can always happen, when it comes to spending time with the family, better safe than sorry!