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A picnic set with everything you can wish for

The Picnic Hamper Set from California Picnic has everything you can wish for. In a traditional wicker basket, exclusive design of this brand, comes full comfort for your meals, thanks to a complete set of reliable tools.

Once again, California Picnic demonstrates why it is the leading brand where outdoor fun is concerned. Your Picnic Hamper set is not only one of the most luxurious picnic sets on the market, it’s also the highest quality one, in terms of results and materials.

The brand’s designers have spared no effort, creating a beautiful and practical picnic basket that will contain your romantic dinners under the moonlight, your family lunches at the beach, or your delicious meals in the countryside.

The Picnic Hamper is simply a set of unparalleled quality and durability for 4 people that contains ceramic dishes; a complete set of stainless steel cutlery; wine glasses made from glass; cotton napkins; salt and pepper shaker and a bottle opener. As a bonus, this set comes with a large exclusive blanket (57 inches x 57 inches), with waterproof lined backrest to protect you against wet grass, sand or just to serve as tablecloth for your convenience.

The insides of this picnic set’s basket are lined with cotton fabric of traditional checkered pattern, matching the blanket. All the Picnic Hamper’s tools are protected by leather straps that gives a solid grip and allows order and space, so you can arrange your food with comfort.

In short, the Picnic Hamper is the dream set for any picnic lover.