The classic picnic basket’s charm

If the classic picnic basket has something, that’s charm. Despite how modernity has reached the picnic tradition, baskets still have lots of fans.

Thinking about it, CALIFORNIA PICNIC created a design that combines the best of modernity and tradition. The Picnic Wood Chip Basket is a hamper of unparalleled quality and durability that honors tradition and celebrates modern wood treatments, to offer picnic lovers a basket that will be part of the family assets.

Lined in its interior with the classic Gingham pattern (red and white), this basket, woven with wood chips, has a leather strap closure with Metal Lock for Safety. Cataloged as the best woven baskets in the market, these items are large in size (15 "x 10.5" x 8"), guaranteeing that everything you need for your meal in the countryside, mountain or beach will fit without effort.

Made with water-resistant wood chips, 100% eco-friendly, the Picnic Wood Chip Basket is the ideal food carrier for picnics in camps, outdoor concerts, sporting events and school or corporate outdoor events.

Like other CALIFORNIA PICNIC products, the Picnic Wood Chip Basket has a lifetime guarantee that this brand gives to its premium products.