The perfect picnic-in-a-bag

The Picnic Basket Tote, from California Picnic, is absolute proof that this brand is always creating practical and sophisticated solutions to make your picnic a special occasion.

This Picnic Basket Tote is exclusive and elegant, made from the best fabrics and materials, to guarantee that contents will be safe even in harsh weather. It also includes all the accessories you need, made of materials approved by the FDA, all suitable for dishwashers.


California Picnic puts a very complete picnic set in his Picnic Basket Tote, for 4 people, with tools of the highest quality, to turn your meals outdoors into memorable occasions.

Something the California Picnic design team didn’t forget for this Picnic Basket Tote was a coated interior that keeps the food temperature just like you want it.

This picnic tote bag is equipped with 4 sets of cutlery, 4 glasses of wine, 1 deposit of salt and another for pepper. This tote bag also includes 4 large plates, 1 corkscrew, 1 cheese knife and 1 cheese board.

Once again, California Picnic demonstrates why it is the premium brand when it comes to solutions for outdoor enjoyment.