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Tools a gardener dreams about, in the same bag!

Just imagine having all your gardening tools in the same bag. A dream come true, isn’t it? Every gardener knows how important it is to have the proper tools for the home garden and that’s why California Picnic puts the most basic gardening tools in a super durable and great looking bag, designed so you have all you need always at hand.

California Picnic Gardening Tools Set offers heavy duty tools and accessories to the gardening enthusiasts, made from 100% quality materials to ensure durability. This set is the perfect gift for weddings, birthdays and other holidays. But if you think all of the above is not enough, we can give you good reasons of why this gardening set is great for any gardening lover.

Good reasons to gift this gardening kit:

1.- GARDENING GLOVES. Yes, gardening is quite relaxing, but many people are upset about having dirt under the fingernails later. That’s why the first tools of this gardening kit are special gloves with claws for the fingers as protection for pruning roses, making them perfect partners to meet all your garden needs.

2- GARDEN BAG.  Gardening tools need a special place so you can find them easily and in good condition. California Picnic designed a super durable and beautiful bag with multiple pockets for this. The gardening bag is also an organizer, made of solid 600D heavy duty fabric.

3.-TOOLS MADE TO ENJOY GARDENING. An important feature of this toolkit is the ergonomical manufacture to meet the highest standards in comfort for your hands. California Picnic knows how important a firm, solid grip during gardening is, and that’s why you’ll treasure these tools for years to come. Soft-grip handles reduce hand and arm fatigue, providing you with great user experience.

4.-THE CALIFORNIA PICNIC PLATINUM GUARANTEE. The brand is proud of this gardening toolkit and that’s why they offer a 12-month warranty for this product. This warranty allow you replacement or refunds, no questions asked.

See? You have no excuses to create the garden of your dreams, thanks to this kit with all the tools a gardener dreams of having.