Your BBQ Grills’ Best Friend

PEP STEP knows how important the barbecue is for your family, and that's why it designed a BBQ Cover that will be your best ally and friend.

Aware of how grills are an asset of all American families, this BBQ Cover with a lifetime guarantee will protect your grill not only from heavy duty UV Rays, but also from rain and snow.

The PEP STEP BBQ Cover is made with ultra durable polyester fabric; it has an additional UV stabilization coating and a waterproof laminated inner lining, ensuring that your beloved grill will stay in excellent shape for a long time.

PEP STEP knows how important it is to protect your barbecue on windy days, and the BBQ Cover has click straps that close on the BBQ’s wheels/legs to ensure a proper protection, with reinforced handles that facilitate extraction. Of course, its double seams are synonymous with the quality that made this brand famous.

PEP STEP has been concerned with making different versions of this wonderful BBQ Cover that adapt to the different dimensions of the various grills on the market. So if you are looking to protect your beloved barbecue, you know that PEP STEP is an excellent option.